Being Thankful For Mondays

Posted on April 13, 2016.

This past Sunday night I heard the Pastor say that he really liked Mondays. Mondays are the second day of the week and the day of fresh starts. Yet, Mondays seem to be loathed by many people. In spite of the general publics dislike of the day, the Pastor proclaimed his fondness for the start of the week. Some times I have found that God in His sense of humor will put things you say to the test. Such was the case the Monday following the Sunday when the Pastor’s words on the day were uttered.

Monday I awoke knowing I had to pay a visit to my accountant. Self-employed people tend to wait to a date close to the tax filing deadline to get their taxes ready. People who get money back like to file early. I can not remember getting a refund. So I started my week finding out that we owed a good bit more than last year even though we had actually made less. I don’t try to understand it. Becky and I just seek to pay what we owe. Following that bit of news, I got to go directly to the dentist. I had visited the dentist last week only to have a greater problem occur. After a few moments, I was told I would have to have a root canal. Silly me. I thought I had just had one at the accountants office. In the back of my mind was Mr. Monday saying, “How do you like me now?”

Believe it or not, I still like Mondays. After a Monday like the one I just experienced, the rest of the week will have to seem pretty good. In fact, every day is a gift from God. We do not deserve a single breath. God grants us life and He has given us the choice to decide whether we will live it in His joy or in our misery. I pray that I might choose to rejoice in the day that God has made, even if it falls on a Monday.

Being thankful for Mondays,
Bro. Jerry