Calling Rescuers

Posted on October 19, 2016.

A Massachusetts woman accidentally hit the accelerator while backing up near Spy Pond in Arlington around 1:02 p.m. Friday, sending her Ford Edge straight through a fence and plunging about 8 feet into frigid waters. The 68-year-old woman was in great danger. Not only was she trapped in her rapidly sinking car; she couldn’t swim. In this day when people don’t seem to want to get involved, three men came to her aid. One of the quick-thinking bystanders wasted no time swimming out to the car but just as he opened the door to help the woman out, the vehicle took on more water and submerged. Thinking back on the timing of the events that day, Frazier, one of the rescuers, said, "To me there are no coincidences in the way this all happened the way that it did. We just saw this woman struggling and, I mean, life is precious and you know every life has worth and we were just very glad that the timing was what it was and we were able to help her in this really urgent time of need."

Everyday in this old world there are people drowning by the onslaught of sin in their lives. As Mr. Frazier said, “there are no coincidences.” God put these men where they needed to be to make a difference in saving the woman and God puts you where you need to be in order to make a difference in the lives of spiritually drowning individuals. The question is, are you willing to jump in?” The Gospel message that saved your soul is the life preserver that we need to offer to a sinking world. Had the men in the story hesitated, the woman would have been lost. Neither can we afford to hesitate on sharing the soul saving message of our risen Savior. It is time to jump in to God’s plan for saving a lost world.

Calling rescuers,
Bro. Jerry