Calling You To Worship

Posted on March 18, 2015.

If you are a Christian then you are to spend time in worship. Most Americans say they believe that Jesus is God and they will even admit that He should be worshipped. Unfortunately, at least two-thirds of those Americans do not take an active part in attending worship services. Every church in America has tremendous potential for growth because of the sea of prospects who do not presently attend. This is even true right here in Columbus, Georgia. Many of those who say they attend church are actually saying that they have attended at least once in the past year. Most do not even realize that they are not being obedient to the Lord who has commanded that we not forsake the churching of ourselves together. Because of this laxity in commitment people do not seem to have any allegiance to any particular church, denomination, or theological persuasion. They say they have a faith, while in truth, they are only giving lip service to God.

The time for this unfaithful attitude to change is now. Easter is a great time for people to attend worship services and set a new, more faithful, course for their lives. This is the time to move one’s life from empty rhetoric to true faith. You can set your new pattern of faithfulness in motion this Sunday and then follow though each Sunday until Easter. Then, with the pattern set, you can continue being faithful to worship the King of Kings long after this year’s Easter service is past. Faithfulness to worship begins by simply showing up this Sunday.

Calling you to worship,
Bro. Jerry