Ceasing Opportunities

Posted on March 9, 2016.

Columbus has taken some pretty serious hits in recent days. There has been a major reduction in the number of solders at Fort Benning. This means not only the loss of soldiers but also their family members. In addition to that loss of population and income, we are also losing Carmike Cinemas; one of the top Theatre Companies of our nation and long-time local employer. There have also been other businesses which have closed. These changes are far from minor; especially for the families involved. There is also a ripple effect in other industries whose incomes are affected by the moves. Churches are touched by the loss of members and by the loss of opportunity to make an eternal difference in those who do not know our Lord. Through these changes we are reminded that what happens to others can and does have an affect on our lives.

As a Church, we should be challenged to lift up in prayer all those in our area touched by these and other changes. We should seek to help those who have suddenly found themselves unemployed. As believers we should also take these changes as a challenge to use our time wisely for the Lord. There are no guarantees that we or anyone else will remain in this city forever. God brings lives across our paths for us to touch them with the Gospel. God has blessed Columbus with the Military and other employers who bring souls across our path. We cannot afford to waste these opportunities. The time to reach out for Jesus is today. Opportunities could be lost by tomorrow.

Ceasing opportunities,
Bro. Jerry