Checking The Time

Posted on March 15, 2017.

Here we are in the week after the time change on Sunday when we all loose an hour’s sleep. Yes, Daylight Savings Time has occurred and we are now basking in an extra hour of daylight in our evenings. The practice of moving our clocks ahead one hour started in World War II. It was part of an effort to save energy by extending sunlight and allowing homes to keep lights off. While helpful in theory, it has not fulfilled its original purpose in reality. There have been some negative effects to this annual change in time. The days after the time change see an increase in heart attacks and strokes along with an increase in automobile accidents and a decrease in worker productivity. The week after the time change is an unfortunate time to go to court because judges have been found to hand out sentences that are, on average, 5 percent longer than the week before. With the negatives and few positives the question comes as to why we have it all? It seems that we could leave the clocks alone one way or the other. Hawaii and Arizona are the only states that have opted out of this time change madness. What is clear is while we can change the clocks; we cannot change the passage of time. Whether an hour earlier or an hour behind, time keeps moving forward. In other words, our time is passing. It is not so important to know the hour as it is to use the hour for our Lord. The Scriptures challenge us to “redeem the time.” So set your clocks but be sure to live each second seeking to accomplish the Lord’s will.

Checking the time,
Bro. Jerry