Claiming This Summer For Jesus

Posted on July 15, 2015.

What are your thoughts of summer? In many of our minds, summer is the time to slow down and take it easy. Most of us remember the utter joy of school being out and somehow that was to mean we had absolutely nothing to do; a time to sit back, relax and be in total control of our time. Unfortunately, that type of summer exists only in our minds. In truth, summer has come and we are on a fast paced race to get everything in we possibly can. We have places to go and too many things to try to accomplish. One thing that has not changed about summer is how quickly it passes. Summer, as all time, is marching forward and we cannot stop it.

The real question is what are you going to accomplish this summer? How are you going to use the time you have left before summer fades away? Even more importantly, what are you going to accomplish for Jesus before summer ends? Before summer ends you could invite a friend to join you in your Sunday School class or for a worship service. This is a great time of year to invite a friend for worship and a meal. Summer is viewed as a more casual time and therefore might make someone feel more at ease about visiting church with you. One thing is certain - they are more likely to come to your Sunday School class or a worship service if they are asked than if they are not. This is a prime season for reaching your family and friends for Jesus. Please do not waste the opportunity. Summer is passing quickly!

Claiming this summer for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry