Committing Time To The Lord

Posted on September 16, 2015.

One of the greatest American evangelists of all time was Billy Sunday. Billy was a professional baseball player who came to know Jesus as his personal savior. He committed all of his life to Jesus and became a preacher. At first, people came to see Billy because of his baseball career. Later, people came to his crusades because of his dynamic preaching. Thousands came to hear Billy preach and thousands were won to Christ as a result. He was asked the secret of his success. Billy said when he was saved, a man told him to use the 15/15/15 plan in his life. Fifteen minutes a day was to be devoted to listening to God through His Word. Fifteen minutes a day was to be spent talking to God in prayer. The final fifteen minutes a day was to be spent talking to someone with the goal of winning them to Jesus. Billy took the challenge of the 15/15/15 plan to heart. Soon he found the 15 minutes slots were not enough and he added time to his commitment. God blessed his devotion and used him greatly to shake the world for Jesus.

In today’s fast paced world, we must set time aside for the purpose of growing closer to our Lord and drawing others to salvation. We must dedicate ourselves to drawing closer to God through regular Sunday School and worship attendance. That is just the starting place for someone who wants to walk with the Savior. We must have daily time dedicated to prayer and Bible study. Then, we must take the great commission to heart. We must understand that God not only wants to bless our lives, He also wants to use our lives to bless others. Whether it is 15/15/15, 10/10/10, or 5/5/5, isn’t there some time you can give to the Lord in each of these vital areas? The result will be blessed lives and one of them will be yours.

Committing time to the Lord,
Bro. Jerry