Expecting More Records For Jesus

Posted on April 26, 2017.

The records are in and, as expected, more people came to church this Easter than at any other time of the year. At Northside Baptist Church we had one of, if not the highest, attendances we have ever had for a Sunday morning. Over 600 people gathered for worship. This was at least 300 more than we could even fit in a regular service in our old building. So what was the secret to getting so many people on the property for this great day?

The answer involves several things. We had spent two months inviting our members, friends and families to attend. We supported this day with extra invitations. We mailed out 5,000 cards and we hand delivered an additional 2,500. The results show more people are likely to attend when more people are asked. Another reason for the high attendance is our base was in place. It is almost impossible to grow when our own members do not show up on the same day. We could have record attendances more often if our members would be more faithful to attend each and every Sunday. We were ready. Through the hard work of our staff and custodial team our building was prepared. We even had a plan and chairs for an additional 50 to 100 people. Finally, this day had been bathed in prayer. God blessed our efforts and answered our prayers by blessing us with a high attendance

God showed us this Easter that we have the ability and the opportunity to reach more people each Sunday. It starts with our personal faithfulness and prayer. Would you please consider attending more regularly if you are not already here every Sunday? Then, make inviting others a regular part of your life. Then, would you be faithful to pray for people to attend and for lives to be changed? The results will be glorious!

Expecting more records for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry