Giving Thanks For Jesus

Posted on April 1, 2015.

This is the week that commemorates the death and burial of our Lord Jesus and leads us to the single greatest day of all, Resurrection Day. We will never know nor understand the great suffering that took place at Calvary. Jesus, who came to redeem mankind, laid down everything to be tortured and brutally murdered on a cross. The one who created the world and blessed us with life freely laid down His life and bore the weight of all of our sins. Easter is a wonderful day of celebration but it could only be that because of the great sacrifice made by our Lord and our God.

The Father had to allow Jesus to go through untold agony before there could be indescribable victory. We created a debt by our sins that only Jesus could pay. He did everything right to cover all of our wrong. He battled with death so we might come to know and be blessed by life. We must not go through these days without some realization of God’s great sacrifice. I urge all believers to pause this week and consider what Jesus had to do to offer us forgiveness and salvation. Consider the cost of your sin.

I am grieved to know that Jesus had to go through such horror because of my sinfulness. His sacrifice calls me to turn from all sin and seek to walk in His holiness. I am grateful that Jesus poured out His blood for me. The only way to thank Him is to give my life in His service.

Giving thanks for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry