Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on November 23, 2016.

The story is told of a gifted preacher who suffered a nervous breakdown. During one of his periods of extreme anxiety, a friend told him that with the Lord's help he could overcome his depression. The key was to practice thanksgiving. He suggested that the minister think of all the people who'd had a special influence upon his life over the years. Then he asked, "Did you ever thank any of them?" The downhearted man confessed that he couldn't recall ever doing so. His friend challenged him to think of one person and write to him, expressing his appreciation. The pastor took his advice, and when he learned that his letter had greatly encouraged the recipient, his heart was lightened. So he jotted down the names of all those who had helped him. Before exhausting his list, he had written about 500 letters. As he counted his blessings, the cloud of despondency began to lift. Realizing that the Savior had been showering him with encouragement through these individuals, his thoughts turned heavenward. Soon he began blessing God daily for His love and goodness.

The pastor in this story found that God blesses our lives as we live with thankful hearts. Thanking others helps us realize we are not alone and thanking God reminds us that we are blessed. This week has been set aside by our nation as a time for thanksgiving. As we are reminded of our need to be thankful, we should also remember that true thanksgiving is not only spoken. It is demonstrated by how we live. One cannot pretend to be thankful to God and not take time to attend Worship Services and look to God’s word. I urge you to let your thanksgiving be evident in what you do as well as in what you say.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Bro. Jerry