Holding To God's Word

Posted on October 14, 2015.

It is very important that you have a strong Biblical belief system in your life and that we teach a strong Biblical belief system to our children. Belief determines behavior. Those who know and believe the word of God are more likely to exhibit those beliefs in their daily lives. Josh Mc Dowell reports that in a recent survey “good kids from good families who do not possess a Biblical belief system are:

36% more likely to lie to a friend
48% more likely to cheat on an exam
200% more likely to steal
200% more likely to physically hurt someone
300% more likely to use illegal drugs
600% more likely to attempt suicide”.

These findings tell us that a strong Biblical belief system is not only important for ones personal behavior, it can be instrumental in determining the length of one’s life. Now, even those of us who believe the Bible can and do have personal failings in our lives. Yet it is that belief in God’s teachings that can strengthen and lead us to fuller and more meaningful lives. In God’s word we even find the good news of forgiveness to help us recover from our failures. We need to make a move toward learning and obeying the word of God that our lives might be directed according to His will.

Holding to God's Word,
Bro. Jerry