Learning From A Mule

Posted on November 4, 2015.

Jerry Clower was a master story teller. He told a story about his Uncle Versie Ledbetter who had a mule named Della. One day Della fell into a cistern Uncle Versie thought he had covered up but hadn't. Uncle Versie had a problem. There was his best mule down at the bottom of that cistern and no way he could get the mule out of there. He didn't want her to stay down there and starve to death, so he decided he would get a shovel and cover her up. It would be cruel, but it wouldn't be as cruel and inhumane as to let Della starve to death in the bottom of that deep cistern.

Uncle Versie took a shovel full of dirt and threw it down into the cistern and every time a shovel full of dirt hit old Della, she'd shake the dirt off and stomp it. It wasn't long before Della had shaken off enough dirt and stomped it so that she was high enough to jump out of the cistern.

In this life there are many downfalls. It is likely that you will have some people criticize or throw dirt on you. Criticism, hardships and trials are bound to come our way; some deserved and some not. We can react negatively to these situations or we can act in faith and trust God to use the problems as a blessing in our lives. Remember, God can use all things for our good. You don’t have to let the dirt that is thrown on you cover you up. Shake it off and use what you can to allow you to step up in life. Correct what needs to be corrected and put everything else under your feet.

Learning from a mule,
Bro. Jerry