Looking Forward To Easter

Posted on March 23, 2016.

THIS IS THE WEEK! This is the week that began with Jesus triumphantly entering Jerusalem. The people lined the streets and paved the way for Jesus with palm leaves. They happily shouted praises to Jesus. As the week neared the end, Jesus and his disciples gathered in an upper room and shared the Passover feast. This would be the last supper. Jesus told them of his body being sacrificed for them and his blood which would be poured out so that their sins would be forgiven.

From the upper room, they went with Jesus to the garden where Jesus agonized in prayer. It was from that peaceful place that Jesus was betrayed by Judas and carried away by soldiers. He endured unjust trials and merciless beatings. The very skin of His back was torn away by the whip. Then they Had him carry His cross toward the place where they would crucify Him. The place of the skull. For six hours He suffered in the hot Mediterranean sun. He suffered from the physical torture but also from the agony of bearing our sins. Finally, He cried, “It is finished” and breathed His last. Jesus was dead. They took Him from the cross and laid Him in a borrowed tomb and placed a guard to secure it. This is the week all that happened and it ended with Jesus tortured, dead and buried. It ended in horror; Jesus was gone but next Sunday is coming. The story is not over.

Looking forward to Easter,
Bro. Jerry