Looking Toward The Reunion

Posted on December 2, 2015.

It is difficult when you have a close friend or family member die. At Northside Baptist Church we are a family and when we see a fellow church member pass from this planet there is a sense of losing both a family member and a close friend. That sense of loss has gripped our hearts in these last days. Now, we are Christians and the ones that have died are Christians. There are well meaning people who will say that we should not grieve because we know where our loved ones have gone. The Bible does not say Christians should not grieve. It says, we should not grieve as those who have no hope. We have hope! We know full well that we will see these dear departed friends when we get to heaven but there is still a sense of loss for this time in our lives. We must turn to the same God who has saved both us and our departed friends. The one who gives us the power to have victory over death will also give us comfort in this life. Then instead of losing ourselves in mourning what we have lost, we must praise the Lord for bringing such precious people into our lives and thank God for eternal friendships that even death cannot take away. The ability to face today’s losses with tomorrow ’s gaincomes by simply trusting Jesus. He can meet our needs and fill the gaps left by our friends who have gone before us. In Jesus, there is present help and there is future gain. In Jesus, there is peace for today and a grand reunion coming.

Looking toward the reuniuon,
Bro. Jerry