Looking Toward The Reunion

Posted on May 10, 2017.

This Sunday will be Mother’s Day and I would like nothing better to have an opportunity to speak with my Mother face to face. Like many of you, I no longer have that opportunity because my Mother went home to be with the Lord in 1997. It seems like only yesterday that I could call her up and hear her familiar voice. She was always interested in whatever her boys were doing. My Mother, Louise Speer, was an amazing woman. The older I get the more amazing I realize she was. She was an accomplished business woman, supporter of her husband and cheerleader for her three sons. She and my Dad were each gifted with a great sense of humor. One of my fondest memories is to think of her laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. Her willingness to do anything to be near her sons can be seen in a trip we took to Six Flags. We met my youngest brother there. She was so happy to be spending time with him that she didn’t notice the line in which she was standing. When we finally reached the ride she looked at me and asked what we were doing? I don’t think she enjoyed the “Ten Story Free Fall” but she loved the time with her sons. When her oldest was at West Point, we would gather at the television anytime there was a Cadet on the screen and she was always able to spot my brother in the crowd. She saw him in her heart if not with her eyes. That is the same way I see my Mother today, in my heart. I, along with my brothers, are very thankful for the little lady with a big heart that He placed in our lives. What a joy it will be when we see her in Glory! Then, through the ages we will get to thank her for being such a great Mother. Such a reunion is only possible for children and Mothers who have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Looking toward the reunion,
Bro. Jerry