Marching To Easter

Posted on March 2, 2016.

March is here! Do you sense the excitement? This is one of the most exciting times of the year. We are Marching toward Easter. You know Easter is the time for Easter Egg Hunts and special music presentations by our choir. It is also our very best opportunity to draw people to God’s House for Sunday School and Worship Services. Some people have already picked out the clothes they will wear on this special Sunday. Have you thought about who you might invite to Sunday School and Worship Services? Perhaps you have not been as faithful as you should have been and Easter is your opportunity to get back. May I ask you to make a commitment to be in Sunday School and Worship Services on Easter Sunday and to use this Easter as your time to actually draw someone else to church? It may be a family member, friend, or casual acquaintance. You know that God commands His children to be witnesses though most never do anything to witness for Christ. This Easter is your opportunity. It is, in fact, the day that anybody including you can get somebody to church. Now, while a Gospel witness can be much more than that, this is a good place to start. This is the Sunday more people will consider attending a church than any other day in the year. Their main hindrance is that they do not know where they can go and be welcomed. Your simple invitation removes that obstacle. If you invite someone and they already have a church, you have encouraged them. That is a blessing for them and for you. If you will keep asking you will find someone who will meet you for Sunday School and or Worship Services. This is the Month. March over and invite someone today!

Marching to Easter,
Bro. Jerry