Merry Christmas

Posted on December 6, 2017.

I am often amazed by questions about our services. I have been asked if we are having services on the Sunday prior to Christmas? The person asking thought we might not meet because that Sunday falls on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas. The person asking obviously did not remember that we had services on the Sunday closest to Christmas last year which happened to be Christmas day. Not only will we meet for Sunday School and Worship on Christmas Eve, we are going to attempt to make that Sunday morning one of our biggest attendances of the year! We are asking our members to hand out 2,500 personal invitations to attend our Sunday Morning Christmas Eve Service and we are mailing out an additional 5,000 invitations to our community

We worship on Sundays because it is the day of the week our Lord Jesus rose from the grave. Before He could offer Himself on the cross and rise from the grave, He had to come. Every Sunday is special for us, but certainly we will worship on the Sunday closest to the day we celebrate His coming. Had Jesus not been willing to come to the manger, He could not have offered Himself on the cross. If He had not offered Himself on the cross there could not be forgiveness nor the resur-rection. Without His sacrifice, we would have no hope. This Christmas Eve Sunday we will join together to worship because Jesus came, offered Himself and arose that we might have eternal life, the gift of Christmas.

Merry Christmas,
Bro. Jerry