Missing My Mom

Posted on May 4, 2016.

This coming Sunday will be Mother’s Day. Whether you have had a wonderful experience with your mother or not, there is a truth that cannot be avoided. None of us would be on planet earth without our mothers. Whenever we come to these type of days, there are those who did not have good experiences with the one to be honored. This may come as a surprise to some but absolutely no mother is perfect. Every mother needs forgiveness and by God’s word, every one is to honor their mothers. Now, this is to be done all the time but, in the USA we have a special day set aside for honoring mothers.

Jesus demonstrated the importance of honoring mothers by taking time out of his brief time on the earth to pay respect to His mother. Jesus accompanied Mary to a wedding in Cana. Later on the cross when He had to fight for every breath, Jesus took a moment to assure that His mother would be in the care of one of His disciples. Shouldn’t those of us who know Jesus seek to follow His example of giving honor to our mothers?

My own mother was an amazing woman; filled with love, determination and humor. She was little in stature but mighty in spirit. I am daily blessed by the mother of my children as she still seeks to care for our children and grand children. Louise and Stephanie are the great mothers of our grand daughters. Becky’s Mom still watches out for all of us. Then there are the many mothers who have touched my life through our church family. Many of them are still constant encouragers.

When God designed the family, He determined to show us an example of His great love through our mothers. While none could fulfill such a roll perfectly, many have allowed His love to pour though them. I am so very thankful for my Mother and for all the other mothers who have blessed my life.

Missing my Mom,
Bro. Jerry