Our Best For His Glory

Posted on November 18, 2015.

There is a song we sometimes sing which says, “Give of your best to the Master.” It seems that our very best should be the very least we would do for the one who gave His all on Calvary for us. Our best requires our time, money, talents, thoughts and love. We must be careful in measuring our best. Our best may not be what someone else can do. Our best might surpass what those around us are doing. What others do for Jesus should have no bearing on what we give to our Lord and Savior. We will do some things in common with other committed believers. These things are spelled out for us in the Bible. We should all be faithful to Sunday School and Worship Services. Tithing is not an option. If there is a lack of love or forgiveness in your heart, you cannot give your best to Jesus nor can you receive His best for you. Of course, we cannot be people of the Word if we are not people of our word. We should only speak the truth and we should carry out the commitments we make to the fullest degree. These things are just the basics but one cannot do their best for Jesus without attending to them. When a body of believers comes together with lives dedicated to giving Him their very best, wonderful things have to result. Look at your life and see if Jesus has your best. If not, make a move today toward Jesus. If you are already giving Jesus your best, keep it up. Our best in His hands will result in a wonderful life for us and an influence that will bless the lives of others. As we bond together doing our best through God’s church we will change our city, state and nation. In fact, that is how we will change the world for Jesus.

Our Best for His Glory,
Bro. Jerry