Praying And Voting

Posted on October 26, 2016.

Our nation is broken. I am still proud to be a citizen of the land of the free and the home of the brave but I am concerned that the nation we cherished is in danger of a great fall. The very principles on which our nation was founded seem to be abandoned by most in the political elite. The United States finds itself not so united. Our nation finds itself in an election where neither major party candidate seems to be adequate to take the leadership of our land. While one candidate does not understand politics, the other has abused it. Meanwhile the electorate is so frustrated that many are determined to sit the election out.

May I remind you who are believers in the Lord Jesus that you have a responsibility to your nation and more importantly to your God. God calls us to be good citizens and a good citizen must exercise their right to vote. Christian principles cannot be held up in our nation if we are not willing to lift them. Our nation will not have a hope of operating by Godly desires if those of us who know God will not take a stand. I understand you may not like the candidates. In truth the importance of this election is more important than the individuals who are heading the tickets. You will be voting for or against aborting innocent unborn children. You will vote to support our military or to dismantle our armed forces. Your vote will determine if our courts stand by the constitution or become more of a political puppet. A believer who has the opportunity to take a stand for Jesus at the polls and does not is playing into the hands of the forces of evil.

It is possible you may vote and your candidate loose, but at least it will not be because you shirked you God given responsibility. Pray, vote and then continue to pray.

Praying and voting,
Bro. Jerry