Praying For A Move Of God

Posted on January 28, 2015.

A revival took place in a church some years ago and the people were deeply moved to action by God. A man stood up one night and said, "I have been drinking three beers a night and I'm giving it up tonight!" The people all shouted, "Amen." Another man stood up and said, "I've been smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and I'm quitting tonight." "Amen," the people shouted! Still another man stood up and said, "I've been cussing my whole life and here and now I am cleaning up my language." Once again the congregation rejoiced. Then a woman, caught up in the moment, stood to her feet and shouted, "I ain't been doing nothing, and I'm quitting that tonight."

In truth, too many individuals who claim to be Christians do absolutely nothing for the Lord. They are not faithful in their walk nor their talk. They are not faithful as givers nor are they faithful in forgiving. They are not inviting others to Sunday School or Worship Services because they are not faithful in attending themselves. There can be no true move of God through our church or in our lives as long as we are satisfied with doing nothing for the Lord. It is time to stop doing nothing! There are people all around us who need a positive touch from someone who knows Jesus. If God has put such a person in your life, then you are the one to make that contact. It is high time to repent from apathy and begin to be active for Jesus. When we as God's people act like we know Him and carry out His will in our daily lives, then we will see the results of His power and our world will be transformed.

Praying for a move of God,
Bro. Jerry