Praying For Faithfulness

Posted on January 21, 2015.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to this new year. One thing that you can do to insure a great year is to make sure you are faithful to the Lord each day. Certainly you need to be faithful to the Lord in your living and that includes being faithful to the Lord in your giving. Believe it or not, God is interested in how you use the wealth he allows into your life. He doesn’t really care about how much you have, but he is very concerned about your faithfulness. You are to be faithful with all your possessions no matter how much they are worth. Our Lord Jesus is very concerned about people avoiding hell and spending eternity with Him in Heaven. Would it surprise you to know that same Jesus spoke more about money than he did about hell? Did you know that the Bible has about 500 verses on prayer, but over 2350 verses on how to handle your money? I believe God has so much to say on this issue because He knows we need money in our lives and all the world’s true wealth belongs to Him. He also knows the Devil is out to control you and your money.

Being Faithful to God requires that we be faithful givers. God is very clear in telling us the starting point for our gifts. The Bible tells us we are to tithe. A tithe is one tenth of our increase. We are to give on that increase no matter its source. Then as the Lord directs, we are to give gifts above the tithe. God even tells us where we are to give our tithes, our local church, the storehouse. The gift of a tithe is just a way for us to demonstrate that we serve an almighty God and that all we are and have belongs to Him. If we do not have the faith to give this small thing that we can see, how can we have faith to secure our eternity? When we are disobedient in giving, we cannot be faithful in our living. Determine today to trust the Lord with your life and your possessions. The result will be a much happier new year.

Praying for faithfulness,
Bro. Jerry