Praying For Our Nation

Posted on February 18, 2015.

On this Valentine’s weekend a segment of the population is rejoicing because Probate Judges in Alabama have been ordered to issue same-sex marriage licenses. The order did not come from the state nor from a congressional action, but from a Federal Judge. This move, along with other recent actions, fly in the face of what our judicial system was supposed to be. It was never intended to create laws. The federal courts were certainly never intended to take away the rights of the states. Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, has declared that this is a flagrant attack on states’ rights. While I do not believe Probate Judges have an option when it comes to following stated laws, which sadly now includes granting the objectionable licenses, I applaud many of the Probate Judges for taking actions so they could not be forced into actually performing the objectionable ceremonies. They accomplished this by determining that they would no longer perform any marriages. It is a sad day when a public servant cannot simply stand by their faith and refuse to participate in what they deem to be against their faith. This is not far removed from the Atlanta Fire Chief who was fired for writing a book which stated the biblical view of marriage or the Pastors of Houston, Texas who were ordered by the mayor to submit copies of their sermons which took a stand against homosexuality. These actions are an affront to the religious liberty upon which our nation was founded. If we are to maintain a free nation, we must take a stand on God’s Word and we must also encourage others who do likewise. We must draw individuals to Jesus one at a time and by doing so bring our nation back to God.

Prayaing for our nation,
Bro. Jerry