Praying For Our Nation

Posted on August 12, 2015.

This past week marked the official beginning of debate season for the upcoming presidential campaign. The Republicans had 17 proclaimed candidates taking part in the debates. In fact they had so many candidates that they had to have two separate debates to be able to fit all of them and allow them to each speak for a few minutes. The longest speaker in the larger of these groups only got to speak for 11 minutes. The Democratic debates will begin in a few days but at this time they will only have two candidates.

I encourage you to investigate all of those running for this important office. The last eight years have demonstrated the amount of moral devastation that can come when a President chooses to endorse policies and procedures that are outside the will of God. Today we find ourselves in a land that continues to flagrantly murder unborn children and promotes lifestyles proclaimed to be an abomination to God while at the same time seeking to destroy traditional marriage and the family unit. It seems to me, at the very least, a citizen that claims to be a Christian should seek to vote for candidates whose platforms are most closely in line with the Word of God. We must prayerfully consider the choices that are laid before us. We must not sit idly by while the political process unfolds. We must not only prayerfully choose a candidate, we must bathe our entire nation in prayer. Only God can bless America.

Praying for our nation,
Bro. Jerry