Praying For People To Come To Jesus

Posted on September 30, 2015.

America went Pope crazy during Pope Francis’ first visit to the US. Tens of thousands lined the streets and as many as one million gathered in Philadelphia for His final mass. It is interesting to note that the liberal news agency CNN sought to give continuous coverage of the Pope’s visit. People who rebel at the thought of the Bible being read in schools and are appalled at those who pray in the name of Jesus seemingly could not get enough of the leader of the Catholic Church. Could it be that there was such interest in the Pope because there is a growing sense of spiritual need in our nation.

While I differ greatly with the Pope’s theology, I am thankful for the times he sought to exalt the name of Jesus. This is the Pope who said of Jesus, “He is your best friend who will never abandon you. Entrust your joys and sorrows to Him. Turn to Him any time you make a mistake or do something wrong. You can be sure that He will forgive you. And speak to all of Jesus, of his love, his mercy, his tenderness, because friendship with Jesus, who gave himself for us, is an event that must be told.” During his visit the Pope indicated that Jesus was more important than the Catholic Church. It is possible that one could be led to investigate Jesus and be saved by the statements of Pope Francis.

So while he led people to pray to Mary and Joseph instead of urging them just to call upon the name of the Lord, I am a bit like the Apostle Paul. When individuals lifted the name of Jesus to add to his trouble, he praised God that Jesus was exalted. I am thankful for the times Jesus was exalted and I pray that God will use the curiosity raised by this Pope to draw people to Jesus.

Praying for people to come to Jesus,
Bro. Jerry