Praying For People To Make A Move

Posted on September 2, 2015.

Did you hear about the church that was in the middle of a Sunday service when all of a sudden the ceiling came down? I have heard of preachers being so eloquent that they preached the stars down. But, in this church, while the preacher was in the middle of his sermon the ceiling collapsed. It should not surprise you to learn that this happened at Northside Baptist Church where anything can happen. In some churches the people fall out - in this case it was the ceiling. Fortunately, the ceiling was in the hallway to the baptistry and no one was hurt. There was just a very loud bang which did not slow down the sermon at all. This should not have surprised anyone for we are constantly praying for movement in the church.

I must admit, this was not the type of movement I had in mind. However, it did strike me that the ceiling made more of a move in worship than many of our members. You see, you can ’t make a move in worship if you are not present. Sadly, only one third of Georgia Baptists are in worship on Sunday mornings and much less on Sunday evenings. Is it possible you are not moving closer to God because you are not giving Him time in worship? Are you not leading others to move closer to Jesus because you have become so selfish of your time that you cannot give God a few hours during a week? If you are truly a believer in the Lord Jesus, then you must act like it and be faithful to worship Him. Make sure that you make more of a move in church than a wet ceiling

Praying for people to make a move,
Bro. Jerry