Praying For Revival

Posted on August 17, 2016.

God wants to send a revival to every heart. It is God’s great desire for every born again believer to live in close fellowship with Him. God even sets apart opportunities for individuals to be revived in their relationship with Him. So what should one expect after God has called people to a revival which has touched and changed lives?

In the Bible we see several responses to a reviving move of God. When God brought the great revival to Nineveh, the people repented of their sins. After revival comes there is a tendency to breath a sigh of relief and think God is through. However, when God turns on the light of revival, that light shows the sinfulness of our hearts. If we respond in God’s will, we will confess the sins that are in our lives and make a conscious effort to move away from them. While the people of Nineveh repented, the preacher fell into a depression. When God pulls people to Himself, the Devil is always moving in the opposite direction. If the Devil can get you focused on your miseries instead of the Master’s will, he can upset the move revival has accomplished. Jonah was moping because he selfishly wanted his way.

When people are truly revived, they are more faithful in every area of life. They pray, worship, give and share Jesus more than they did before. II Chronicles tells us that, God listens to the humble prayers of those who have been revived and are seeking to be in His will. The result of those prayers is that He heals their land. So, the simple result of revival is a closer walk with God on the part of the faithful that elevates Jesus and leads others finding new life in Him. On the other hand those who refuse to walk in God will find only misery. I think I like the revived path better.

Praying for Revival,
Bro. Jerry