Praying For The USA

Posted on January 27, 2016.

The United States is the greatest nation in the world but our inconsistencies threaten to bring us crashing down. We stand for free speech yet the powers that be are constantly challenging the content of any speech that lifts up the name of Jesus. We are on record as being the nation that will fight for the rights of minorities yet we allow some minorities to stomp on the rights of Christians. Our money is engraved with the words ”In God We Trust” yet we do not allow public prayer to that same God before sporting contests or in public schools. We are on record as being a nation that will protect the lives of everyone within our borders unless of course the one to be protected is a helpless unborn child. In many of our states it is considered legal to take the life of an unborn child yet if one kills a pregnant woman in the same state, they are charged with multiple murders.

We need to call upon our legislators to clear up these inconsistencies before our nation crumbles. We must prayerfully go to the polls with God’s desires in mind and seek to elect those who will be true to God’s word. We must pray for those who have felt the need to have an abortion and offer them the peace that God can and will forgive all who will reach out to Him. At the same time we must pray for our nation and seek to change the hearts of individuals one at a time by introducing them to Jesus. This will be made easier if we will straighten out inconsistencies in our own spiritual lives. We must ask God to forgive us, cleanse us and change us that we might draw our nation back to Him; that we might truly become “one nation under God.”

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Bro. Jerry