Preparing For Easter

Posted on March 1, 2017.

March is here and with it comes the anticipation for Spring but even more importantly, Easter. While each Sunday is important, there is no more important Sunday in our church year than Easter Sunday. This is the day more people are likely to attend Worship Services than any other day in the year. While we do not care what anyone wears, Easter is traditionally a day when people dress their best. So, many families will get tied up in several questions during this season. Primarily they will try to decide where they will go and what they will wear.

I challenge you to determine that you are going to help people with this important day. Solve the problem of where they will go by inviting them to join you for Sunday School and Worship Services right here at Northside Baptist Church. If they are to join you, it will be very important that you clear your schedule to be present. While your guests are welcome to just attend the Worship Service, I encourage you to be in Sunday School. Your presence will set the right example while encouraging others in your Sunday School class. Now as to the question of what to wear, encourage your guests to wear what they have. If they have clothes to wear to school, work or to the store, they will be dressed just fine. We are far more concerned with the people in the clothes than we are with the clothes on the people. Lets get ready for Easter!

Preparing for Easter,
Bro. Jerry