Putting Myself In His Hands

Posted on October 11, 2017.

Have you every thought about how Jonah must have felt when he was trapped in the belly of the great fish? I am sure he was a bit surprised to be alive. After all, he probably thought he would quickly drown when he was thrown into the stormy waters. If fighting the raging sea was not enough, his life had to end when the behemoth closed its mighty jaws over him. Yet, there he was somehow still alive in the belly of the great fish.

There are many who want to debate this Bible story. They argue that there is a contradiction because part of the Bible says it was a big fish and elsewhere in the Bible it was a whale. There is no contradiction. The original languages indicate this was a large sea creature. People laugh at the thought of a man staying alive in a fish for three days. It is important to understand that this big fish, whatever it was, had been prepared by God. So the same God who made the world and all that is in it would have no problem creating a big fish that could hold a Baptist preacher alive for three days. God could have put a luxury three bedroom apartment in that fish. This whole episode is miraculous.

Jonah probably realized he had been wrong to run from God’s will. When we realize we are away from God, we should have regrets. Shortly after the regrets, Jonah reached out to God in prayer. It is only when we get to the end of ourselves that we are ready to see what God can do. When he reached out and put himself in the hands of God, he found deliverance. No matter your present situation, there is forgiveness and deliverance in the arms of our loving Lord.

Putting myself in His hands,
Bro. Jerry