Reaching Toward Godly Goals

Posted on July 29, 2015.

Perhaps you have heard the old adage that “to fail to plan is to plan to fail. ” In truth, many people simply do not take the time to put plans into their lives. The result of this is an aimless stumbling through life with little, if any, satisfaction. Some people do not set goals because they don’t want to extend the effort of trying to reach them. Someone has said, “It is better to shoot at something and miss than to shoot at nothing and hit it.” Unfortunately, too many people are shooting at nothing. This is true in the secular world and it is also true in the spiritual world.

Goals are marks to achieve in life. When you achieve a goal there is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. As we set out to make and achieve goals we put our lives on the course of accomplishment. I heard someone say they decided not to go to college because it might take them five years to get a degree. At least they would have a degree in five years. How many degrees will they have in five years if they don’t start working for them today? A far more important question is how close will you be to God in five years if you don’t start following Him more closely today? Set some goals to spend more time in worship and Bible Study. Set a goal to lead at least one person to Jesus a month or how about a goal to invite at least one person to join you in Sunday school each week. Such goals will not only change your life but they will transform the lives of those around you. They will even help our church to grow and become more of what God wants it to be.

Reaching toward Godly goals,
Bro. Jerry