Ready To Pray

Posted on March 4, 2015.

Are you praying? I know you are reading, but are you keeping a constant chain of communication open with the most-high God? The Scriptures are clear that we are to pray without ceasing. Whatever else that means, it is to continually be in contact with God. It also means to maintain a steady walk with God so that there is not a hindrance to our prayers being heard by God

Have you ever started out on a trip only to discover that you were out of gas? It is terribly frustrating. You are ready to go. You need to go. However, you cannot go because you do not have the proper fuel. This can happen to us in our prayer lives. We want to pray and we need to pray but we cannot pray because there is something blocking our pathway to the throne of grace. You see, no matter how much we need to call upon God there are things which limit our ability to pray. We will not be heard if we have unconfessed sin in our lives. In order for us to approach God in prayer, we must be willing to walk according to His desires. Before we can have a powerful prayer life we must have hearts that have been cleansed and surrendered to God. God is willing to forgive and hear our prayers when we are willing to submit to His will in all our ways. In truth, He is ready and willing to meet us in our prayers whenever we meet the qualifications for the communication. If we will be consistent in our moment-by-moment relationship with Jesus, He will be consistent in hearing and answering our prayers. In this way, our prayers will always be met by His power.

Ready to pray,
Bro. Jerry