Ready To Sweep

Posted on July 27, 2016.

Dan McLeod from Cave Junction, Oregon told The Oregonian he thought it was a joke when a masked man walked in to the gas station where he worked early on a weekday morning and demanded cash. However, when the robber threatened to kill him, McLeod said he was scared. His fears were short lived because the robber pulled out a small wrench to use as a weapon. At that point Mr. McLeod determined he would be able to take the thief. So, he grabbed what he could, a broomstick, and hit the robber several times; backing him out of the station. This was no small feat for anyone but especially not for Mr. McLeod who is seventy-five years of age. Mr. McLeod realized if anyone was to take a stand it had to be him and he would just have to use what he had at hand. His age was not an issue, his determination was.

Sin is a robber in our lives. It steals what is precious and attacks us where we seem weak. This is true no matter your age or the type of sin. Every sin is damaging. If you are to have God’s peace and rest in your life you must be willing to take a stand against sin.

Like Mr. McLeod, you must use what you have at hand to combat the robber. God has equipped us as His children with all we need to have victory over our sins. We have been given the eternal, infallible Word of God to strengthen and guide our lives. In God’s Word we find what we need to stand even against the greatest temptations. God has also given us the gift of His indwelling Spirit. That means we have within us the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Certainly that power can guide us through all the difficulties we face. The Scriptures remind us that, ”Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.” God’s Word and God’s Spirit are far greater than Mr. McLeod’s broom and sufficient to sweep the robber from our lives.

Ready to sweep,
Bro. Jerry