Remembering 9/11

Posted on September 7, 2016.

This Sunday will be the 15th anniversary of the tragedies that came to our country through what is now referred to as simply 9/11. America and the rest of the world is different because of the happenings of that one day. We are all more aware of the shortness of life. The thought that someone could invade our nation and ruthlessly slaughter thousands of people seemed just a bad dream until it became all to real on that Tuesday morning. In a matter of minutes, the action of terrorists destroyed national landmarks, national peace and individual lives. The losses were not limited to Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania. Even today, all true Americans share in morning our fellow citizens who died. We thank God for the heroism displayed on the planes, at the Pentagon and at the Trade Center. We have a better understanding of and appreciation for the sacrifices made every day by those who serve as Police, Firefighters, and EMTs.

In case you are wondering what you should be doing in light of this national tragedy, let me make the following suggestions…

PRAY:There is noting you can do more powerful than to call out to our mighty God.

WITNESS:The greatest loss is not found in the loss of life but in the loss of souls. The greatest help we can give anyone is to point them to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

WORSHIP:We must show the world that we believe in an all powerful, all loving God. We must be faithful to Sunday School and Worship Services allowing our faithfulness to stand as a testimony of our love for and devotion to Jesus.

In short, those of us who know Jesus need to act like it. We must point our lost world to Jesus by how we live and we must pray that God will give America the mercy of another chance.

Remembering 9/11,
Bro. Jerry