Rising Up For Jesus

Posted on February 8, 2017.

The 2017 Super Bowl is history and our state’s Atlanta Falcons did “Rise Up” as their adopted slogan proclaimed. They flew to a 25 point lead. Unfortunately, at least for Falcon fans, they did not stay up and suffered a loss in what was the largest comeback and only overtime in the Super Bowl’s history. I was disappointed in the Falcon’s loss. The Falcon’s demise late in the game reminded me of Alabama’s recent national championship loss. However, the thing that disturbed me even more than the similarity to my favored team’s loss was the way many of the Falcon’s supporters complained after the game. Immediately, there was an outcry against the city of Atlanta and it’s sports teams for being a bunch of losers. It was as if anyone who had any ties with Atlanta was doomed to being a failure. Amazingly, these remarks came largely from citizens of Atlanta. It bothered me that there was no sense of appreciation for the positive accomplishment of getting to the Super Bowl in the first place; a feat that 30 NFL teams missed. They also seemed to miss an appreciation for their home town.

It is a greater disappointment to me that so many Christians fail to experience an appreciation for the joy that our Lord Jesus has provided for our lives. People seem quick to promote their woes but slow to praise God for all the wonders of His love, mercy and grace. People often seem fast to complain but slow to rejoice. Falcon Fans had an opportunity to experience a great season which many will toss away with the Super Bowl loss. The greater tragedy it is that many Christians will toss away the great daily blessings of our Lord because they don’t have everything work out as they desire. There are many joys to be claimed in the life of a believer. Those joys are there to be claimed by all who choose to ’Rise Up” for Jesus

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Rising up for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry