See You Christmas Sunday

Posted on December 16, 2015.

I remember when I was just a wee lad of a boy in elementary school. The teacher would give a test and almost without fail someone would ask the following question; "Are you going to count off for spelling?” As I have gotten older and hopefully wiser, I have realized what a ridiculous question that was. It carried the idea that if there were going to be penalties for misspelling words, then and only then would we go to the trouble of spelling them correctly. It is the concept that much of our world has adopted. It is the thought that we want to do as little as we can and still pass. Our world has become satisfied with doing as little as possible.

God calls His children to do more. We are to give of our very best on each and every occasion. God’s word even encourages us to go beyond what is expected. Certainly that is what Jesus did for us. He did not stay on heaven’s throne and calmly watch as we speeded toward hell in our sins. No, He left the comfort and ease of glory and became one of us as a babe in a lowly manger. He suffered, bled and died for us on the cross because it was the only way for us to have the hope of salvation. With all He has done for our salvation, shouldn't we be willing to be in Sunday School and worship services for Him? Even if we cannot be there every Sunday, shouldn’t we be present on the Sunday before we celebrate His birth? Join me in church Christmas Sunday - whether or not He counts off for spelling.

See you Christmas Sunday,
Bro. Jerry