See You On 'Why Not Sunday'

Posted on July 22, 2015.

In the hottest days of the year we have the opportunity to be on fire for Jesus. These are the days to reach out to friends and family members and encourage them to be in Sunday School and Worship services. People give many excuses as to why they cannot do the things God desires. Our answer to them is, Why Not?

I have had people tell me they cannot be in church because they do not have any clothes. They were dressed at the time they were telling me this!

Some say they cannot be present because they have family members coming for a visit. Shouldn’t your family members know that you go to church? If they will not come with you, give them the positive witness of putting God first. If you can’t trust them in your house, give them directions to the mall.

Some say they do not want to come because there are too many hypocrites in the church. This is a true statement but I would rather be in church with the hypocrites that are at least under the preaching of God’s Word than with all the hypocrites outside the church with no opportunity of change. Besides, do you use this same reasoning for everywhere you go? Do you not go to restaurants, ball games, movies or school, because of the hypocrites that will be present?

Others have said it is just too hot. We have this wonderful invention called air conditioning. The outside temperature will be the same at the church as it is at your house. I can assure you that if you come and meet Jesus. You will go to heaven and heaven is much cooler than the other destination. Why not put all the excuses aside and join us this Sunday in Sunday School and Worship Service.

See you on Why Not Sunday,
Bro. Jerry