Seeking Faithfulness

Posted on April 6, 2016.

Spring has come along with longer days, brighter sun and lots of pollen. In Columbus you can usually tell that its spring by everything turning yellow. Those of us with allergies know that its spring by headaches and stuffy noses. On a brighter side, spring brings flowers and beauty. It is the mark of time marching forward. As you get older the marks of the seasons seem to change very quickly. Little ones seem to grow up faster and many dear older ones pass from the scene. The changing seasons remind us that time is full of changes.

While time is changing, there are some things that should remain the same in our lives. We should stay steady in our desire to grow ever closer to the Lord. People should know that they can depend on us to be faithful to God’s church. When the services are held, we should always be in God’s house. The Lord has commanded that we not forsake the churching of ourselves together. Not only should we keep faithful to Worship, we should be steady in our witness to others. This should flow from our abiding love for Jesus and His abiding love for others. Then we should be constant in prayer. God will answer the prayers of His children. As Jesus drew away often to pray, we should regularly reach out to our heavenly Father. These things should be constant in our lives no matter the season.

Seeking faithfulness,
Bro. Jerry