Seeking To Meet Needs For Jesus

Posted on August 30, 2017.

This past Sunday, disaster struck Texas and many Texans discovered that they had to be their own first responder. The government did what it could to help but they could not cover the vast cry of needs. Police officers and firefighters rescued many people from floodwaters. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Sunday that thousands of state and national guardsmen, 20 helicopters, and 60 boats and high-water vehicles had been deployed, and he declared that citizens should know “that the cavalry is coming.”

Unfortunately, the professional first responders could not handle all of the thousands of calls from people endangered by rising waters. The roads were largely useless due to flooding. Residents reported calling 911 and getting no answer. So people had to take matters into their own hands. They connected on social media, asking for or offering help. They launched private boats and kayaks. They carried people to higher ground. In many situations individuals did not wait for someone else to care for urgent needs, they simply took action. Many regular individuals took on the herculean task of snatching fellow citizens from the rising waters. Oh, if the example of those brave Texans could spread! What if people in every community simply started taking needed actions to help one another? What if those of us who know Jesus started to act like it? What if we reached out wherever possible to meet the needs in our communities and we did so in the name of Jesus? We are to go beyond meeting physical needs and point others to the only help available for eternity. Such action-based ministry is not only possible, it is our duty as followers of Jesus who took action when necessary to deliver us from our own sins.

I ask you to pray for those touched by the hurricane in Texas and that you will look for opportunities to meet needs all around you in the name of Jesus.

Seeking to meet needs for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry