Shooting At A Worthy Goal

Posted on June 21, 2017.

Have you ever heard the saying, It is better to shoot for something and miss it than to shoot for nothing and hit it? This has to do with setting goals for your life. Are there definite things your want to accomplish before your life is over? Perhaps you need to start with goals for a shorter period of time. Are there some things you would like to shoot for this summer? Having just returned from the Southern Baptist Convention, I am keenly aware of our need to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Churches across the world are seeing a decrease in the number of people coming to salvation. Baptisms are falling while the Islamic faith is growing. Few people in the Christian church ever win even one person to salvation. Here at Northside Baptist Church, we have trained many to share their faith but we are also seeing a decline in soul winning.

May I challenge you to set a goal to share the Gospel more in the remaining days of summer? Summer is usually seen as 3 months. Would you consider setting a goal to share the Gospel with at least 3 people between now and the end of August? Our job is not to win people but to give them the opportunity to be saved; leaving the results to the Holy Spirit. If we will follow through on this small goal, we can make a major impact on some people’s eternity. We will also make an impact on the life of our church family.

Shooting at a worthy goal,
Bro. Jerry