Spreading The News Of Hope

Posted on April 8, 2015.

At the southernmost point of South Africa is a cape round which there are storms constantly raging. The stormy weather made the passing of that cape impossible. It seemed that the only ships brave enough to try the voyage vanished never to be heard from again. Since there had not been a successful voyage around the cape and back, no one knew what waited on the other side. Then in the sixteenth century a Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, sailed around the cape and delighted to find calm seas on the other side which led to the shores of India. With the bounty of India and calm seas just past the cape those stormy waters came to be called the Cape of Good Hope.

Death has always seemed a mystery to the world which only held stormy seas. Then, Jesus came and with Him was the promise of “Good hope!” Jesus demonstrated that death does not have to be a stormy end. He died for us to take away our sins and He rose from the grave to bring us to newness of life. Because He went through death, there is hope for those who surrender their lives to Him. If you have Jesus as your personal Savior, you can know there are calm seas and the bounty of Heaven on the other side of death. As news of the possibility of safe passage around the Cape of Good Hope spread, so must the good news of the promise of eternal life through Jesus our Lord. I encourage you to begin spreading the good news by inviting people to be a part of Sunday School and worship services every week. Lets tell the world of our risen Savior who brings good hope to a lost and stormy world.

Spreading the news of hope,
Bro. Jerry