Still Celebrating Our Risen Savior

Posted on April 15, 2015.

Easter has passed and with that comes the question, Now What? Most of the church knows how to rally for Easter Sunday. We are used to a big gathering that takes place on this big occasion at the start of Spring. Many still shop for new clothes and dress in their best attire for the big day at church. People come, worship and celebrate the risen Lord on one special Sunday but what are we supposed to do when that day passes?

To understand what comes next, we must better understand what has just passed. You see, the gathering that happens in the Spring which draws so many is not about Easter; it is about the resurrection. While these two are tied together in our minds, there is a difference. Easter has become a one day event on a calendar; the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is a truth that leads to a life-altering belief. Pages on the calendar turn but the truth of the resurrection does not change. It is a truth that should alter how we live each and every day of our lives. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we know Him to be exactly who he claimed to be; almighty God, one with the Father. Knowing that must lead us to put Jesus first in every area of our lives. We must seek to follow His word and accomplish what we know to be His will. Resurrection Day changes every other day into a day to exalt Jesus. That is what happens next.

Still celebrating our risen Savior,
Bro. Jerry