Thankful For A God Who Is Ready To Forgive

Posted on September 9, 2015.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Franci,s offered the surprise announcement of an extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy saying he wants to make it evident that the Church ’s mission is as a witness of compassion: “ Let us not forget that God forgives and God forgives always. Let us never tire of asking for forgiveness. ” He went further announcing that priests around the world will be authorized to forgive the sin of abortion when the church begins the Year of Mercy this December. Pope Francis' announcement will give all priests full authority to absolve Catholics contrite about their role in a procedure that the church considers a grave "moral evil." In his short statement, the Pope said he sympathizes with women who have resorted to abortion.

There are many things about the Catholic Church that I find inconsistent with the word of God. However, I do agree with Pope Francis that the world needs the mercy of God, that the church is to have a witness of compassion, and that those who are guilty of the sin of abortion need to know that God’s mercy and forgiveness are available. In fact, those guilty of any sin need to know of the availability of God’s mercy and forgiveness. The good news is that you do not have to wait for this December to receive God’s forgiveness and mercy for the sin of abortion or for any other sin. Jesus went to the cross and shed His precious blood to cover all sin and to make a way for everyone to come under His mercy and forgiveness. We do not need a special day or year to draw close to God. The Bible says “ Today is the day of salvation. ” God wants to give you His forgiveness and cover you with His love. He is ready at the moment you are willing to come to Him. Jesus is willing to save and forgive the lost and He is willing to forgive the saved who will confess their sins. You do not need a Bishop or a priest, but you do need to surrender to Jesus

Thankful for a God who is ready to forgive,
Bro. Jerry