Thankful For Faithful Givers

Posted on July 5, 2017.

Have you made plans for your next pay check or the next money to come through your hands? It has been said, “To fail to plan is to plan to fail.” This is true in any business, personal or otherwise. It is even true in God’s business. Each year we seek God’s guidance on the ministries of our church. The first question to be asked is not how much did we spend last year nor how much will something cost. The first question to be asked is what does God want to do through Northside Baptist Church. Once we know God’s plan, we seek to budget the cost. The primary way God wants this is to be accomplished is through the tithes and offerings of His children. His plan is simple. God’s people are to fund God’s work through giving from God’s blessings. The tithe is the starting point. One tenth of your increase is to go into the local church every time it is received. This tenth is what is used to fund the ministries of our church and our mission ministries beyond our church. Thirteen cents out of every dollar given to our general budget goes to mission ministries in Columbus and around the world. Such faithfulness is needed even during the summer months.

Many members of our church family and friends of our church have given special offerings above their tithes through our church. It is through such generous gifts beyond our general budget that we were able to build our Vision Center and it’s through such continued gifts that we are paying the debt on that building. We are praying God will use such giving to pay off that debt soon. God has blessed our church and touched many lives through the faithfulness of His children in giving. Please make such faithfulness a part of your financial plans.

Thankful for faithful givers,
Bro. Jerry