Thankful For God's Care

Posted on September 13, 2017.

By the time you read this article the hurricane known as Irma will be history. While the storm is gone, the nation will be dealing with its aftermath for years to come. While we had some local damage, we felt little of the storms true wrath. There are some things we should learn from such disasters.

  1. Early preparation is very important. Many lives were saved because they evacuated in time. Others were spared because they built to withstand the storm. Those who took no action placed themselves and others in dangerous situations.
  2. Evacuation is sometimes necessary. However, it is difficult to flee a storm. In truth many were spared because they got out of the way of the storm, but there were a great deal of people that found fleeing the storm to be difficult. The storm kept moving to the place where they sought safety.
  3. People can pull together in a storm. Neighbors helped one another. Supplies were shared and many found comfort in the prayers of their fellow citizens.

Believers, these same lessons hold true for those who would serve the Lord. We should prepare by coming to Jesus in faith as early as possible. Then we should prepare by learning and following His word. Evacuation is sometimes necessary, but fleeing the storms of life is not always possible. We need to learn to be strong in the Lord in or out of storms. Christians need to pull together at all times and pray always. Comfort and care comes as a result of faithful prayer. There are many other lessons from the storms but none as important as simply trusting in a loving compassionate Heavenly Father who can handle the storm no matter how great it may be.

Thankful for God's care,
Bro. Jerry