Thankful For God's Continued Blessings

Posted on September 27, 2017.

Imagine yourself seated comfortably in your favorite easy chair, fully absorbed in a television program. Your interest increases as the suspense builds. Just as the story reaches a climax, your eyes see an announcement flashed on the screen. It says, "To be continued." You want to throw something but you remember that TVs are expensive. Sometimes, however, the words "to be continued" can bring great joy. This is especially true as the Christian considers God's blessings. Commenting on this idea, C. H. Spurgeon wrote, "What a comfort to remember that the Lord's mercy and loving kindness are to be continued! Much as we have experienced in the long years of our pilgrimage, we have by no means outlived eternal love. Providential goodness is an endless chain, a stream which follows the pilgrim, a wheel perpetually revolving, a star forever shining and leading us to the place where He is, who was once a babe in Bethlehem. All the volumes which record the doings of divine grace are but part of a series “to be continued." This is one of the things that makes the Christian life so exciting. No matter how many times you have been blessed and strengthened by His grace you can be assured those blessings are to be continued. No matter how many times you have failed the Lord and had to plead for His forgiveness you can know His forgiveness and mercy are “to be continued.” All the things we gain from the Lord in our redemption are, to be continued. Ten thousand years from now when this world is a distant memory, we who know the Lord will be held in His Love which also is to be continued.

Thankful for God's continued blessings,
Bro. Jerry