Thankful For God's Joy

Posted on December 9, 2015.

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come.”

This familiar line from the beloved Christmas carol should do more than mark the Christmas season; it should mark our lives. God's joy is the hallmark of the faithful believer’s heart. After all, the Bible says it is the joy of the Lord that is our strength. This joy is only available because the Lord has come. When we devote our lives to our living Savior, we open up His power for our day-to-day lives. In Jesus, there is hope for the future and there is forgiveness for our past. This is where we find the joy of the Lord. In today's world we can be bogged down by the fears of how we will make it through the struggles of tomorrows problems. At the same time, we find ourselves pulled back because of all our failures in our past. In Jesus, we find freedom from both the past and the future. Jesus died on Calvary’s cross to provide all the forgiveness we will ever need and His resurrection power will equip us for whatever difficulty that can face us in the future. The one overwhelming sensation that such knowledge brings to our lives is His abiding joy. This joy was not just meant for a few. This joy is for the whole world. But, only those who will receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior can experience it. This Christmas, as we celebrate the joy that only Jesus can bring, we must give those around us a chance to accept the joy God has for their lives. Lets share the true joy of Christmas!

Thankful for God's joy,
Bro. Jerry