Thankful For God's Word

Posted on October 7, 2015.

The Bible is the most important book ever written. One can spend a lifetime studying its passages and still not scratch the surface of all the wisdom it contains. It is divinely inspired and it has been divinely protected. While it is beneficial to all who read its pages, the Bible is primarily a love letter to God’s own children. It is our manual for life, love and happiness. Its pages are as current as the last tweeted message and certainly more reliable. Dr. Dean Haun rightly reminds us that the Bible is ..

  1. A Library - a collection of 66 books that are all composed into one.
  2. A Landscape - that views the panorama of God's relationship with man.
  3. A Letter - addressed to mankind by the God of the Universe.
  4. A Listening Post - where we can go to hear the voice of God.
  5. A Law - that tutors and teaches us the way of righteousness.
  6. A Light - that gives guidance in the midst of the perplexities of life.
  7. A Lifeline - a rope to which a drowning sinner may be pulled to eternal safety through Jesus.

With all that we know of the Bible ’s importance, shouldn’t those of us who know God seek to also know His Word? The Bible should be studied personally, in small groups like Sunday School, and in joint Worship Services. God’s Word should not only be read it should also be practiced. God’s directions are to be known and followed. In following God’s Word we will find God’s blessings.

Thjankful for God's Word,
Bro. Jerry