Thankful For Jesus

Posted on January 20, 2016.

Our city was shocked by the recent vicious triple murder of a local grandmother, her 17-year old son and her 11-year old granddaughter. We are somewhat immune to hearing of brutal crimes in far away places but it is different when the news comes from your own area. There is the terrible realization that if such a thing can happen in a local home then it could happen to your family. After all, it has now been proven that here is at least one, if not more, individual who is capable and willing to commit such a horrible crime.

Sin exists everywhere and it has harming effects. This is true for a sin such as murder but it is also true for the sins that you allow into your life. Every sin is a move against the will of our holy God and every sin has damaging effects. Certainly, it is easy to recognize the harm caused by murder. However, every sin moves one away from God’s will and into a world of ungodliness and harm. The harm of even what we might consider to be a “small” sin can be seen by the price paid to redeem the sinner. You see, Jesus had to lay down His life on Calvary to pay the debt caused by our sin. He had to pay the same price to redeem the repentant murderer as He did to redeem you. When we recognize the damage caused by sin, we should turn from the sins in our own lives and turn to Jesus. We should come to Him on our knees in gratitude for His willingness to pay the sacrifice for our sins and we should seek to follow His will in every area of our lives.

Thankful for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry