Thankful For Jesus

Posted on October 4, 2017.

Hurricanes have ransacked a great deal of our nation and while some face its reality day by day, most of the nation seems to have moved on with life. How different our lives are than those in the disaster area. There are still places which are supposed to be under the care of the United States without the common trappings of modern society. The Keys, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and a host of spots on the mainland are seeking to live without electricity, running water and sewage treatment. Many would love to return to their homes but their homes are no longer there. In most cases needed supplies are just a few miles away but there is a disconnect in getting them to the people who need them most. The road system in Puerto Rico was not great before the storm but now it is heavily damaged and in many cases, nonexistent. Those in need wonder if anyone cares.

These tragic situations reveal a truth of how fragile our lives really are. One storm or a series of storms can take away what has taken a life time to acquire. In such cases, people are left to consider what is really important. For most, it comes down to having life and loved ones. Things can come and go but life and loved ones can never be replaced. Therefore, we should do what is necessary to care for our loved ones and secure eternal life. We must get the truths of Jesus and his offer of eternal life to all. With Jesus there is always strength for the day no matter what storms may come. In Jesus, there is always one who cares and who will never leave you alone. Yes, we need to do all that is possible for the victims of the storms. We must find ways to get them what is needed, but we also need to understand our time to get people to Jesus is short. Only in Jesus is there lasting hope, peace, love and deliverance.

Thankful for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry